1.2, 2.4, 5.7 and 10 GHz beacons


All QSL comments of these being heard should go to Dave's, KF8QL  QRZ page

On Sunday, May 1, 2014 Dave Devos installed a four band microwave beacon

on top of "Dias Hill", just south of Grand Rapids.

We have no mountains here in Michigan, just tall hills. This hill is about 350 feet above average terrain.

The W8IRA has their central repeater here, and on this property sits a 40 foot tower used for a 80-6 meter remote base. The beacons are mounted near the top.


All four beacons are the Kuhne units from Germany. The 10 GHz uses FSK for keying, the others are CW.

This is the inside of the box. 

The 10 GHz is at 10,368.858 MHz



A view of the beacons on the tower


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